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Aircraft Hanger


Southern Engineering & Aviation Services
is a Consulting Company based in Argentina, specializing in Technical Representation for aircraft maintenance projects and lease transitions for airlines and lessors.

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  • Pre-Purchase Inspections (physical & documentation)

  • Lease Compliance Monitoring

  • Annual Aircraft Lease Inspections 

  • Pre-Redelivery Inspections 

  • Delivery / Redelivery Supervision Project Management

  • Maintenance compliance cards system upload

  • Control of mods., EOs, ADs and SBs

  • Technical records scanning, indexing and hosting services

  • Airworthiness review task card status (last done next due)


  • Aircraft Heavy Maintenance Check Management

  • Technical Records Collection, Indexing, Hosting and Analysis

  • Cost control and parts tracking

  • Airframe damage chart and mapping verification

  • Co-ordination and oversight of engine borescope inspections

  • Engine, LG and APU (BTB trace and physical inventory)

  • Engine & system ground checks & flight test involvement

  • Engine Shop Visit Table Inspections

  • Final Invoice review and cost tracking

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We stand out for more than our technical expertise, we are an ethical, customer-focused organization, never compromising on quality and always striving to understand and exceed customer expectations.

Our vision is to be a successful company, recognized for delivering quality service, while maintaining a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with customers, employees and partners, thus ensuring sustainable growth over time.

We have set our mision as to provide quality and practical solutions to customers for the administration and management of information related to aircraft maintenance, by incorporating professional advice and consulting, proactive service, proficiency team work, and commitment to the customer.

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SOENAS has its headquarters in Cordoba, Argentina. It reflects our strong growth in the provision of high-quality services and allows us to further improve customer attention and care across the region.

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